Hello! Here you'll find comments on the afterlife of Timothy Leary - his impact on our culture and his portrayal in the media. Consider this a continuation of the biography 'I Have America Surrounded - The Life of Timothy Leary', by John Higgs with a foreword by Winona Ryder.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Six Wives of Timothy Leary

The Six Wives of Timothy Leary

This play sounds pretty interesting:

The Six Wives of Timothy Leary

Now, I'm not sure I really recognise Tim or his partners from that brief blurb, but I'm eager to go along and find out where they're coming from. It's certainly a great idea for a play.

For all you London-based theatre goers, it will be on at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden from Nov 20th to Dec 9th.

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